Friday, December 5, 2008


Here is some of the concept work I did for my Infection mod for the board game Mall of Horror. I'm sick of the stereotypical.....brains.....zombie. So I went with a more mutated version.

This was the Fast zombie concept I did. It was pretty fun painting this one.

Here is the Tough zombie, I wanted him to look nice and beefy.

Now here is the fat nasty poison one. Shes a pretty scary looking old girl, best watch out

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Traditional Animation!

Here is one of my Quad walk cycles from Traditional Animation II

Another Quad Walk Cycle from Traditional Animation II

Here is the walk cycle I did for my "Vin" Character. He's some sort of alien.
Traditional Animation II

Here is my Lip Sync for Traditional Animation II. The dialogue piece is from Chris Farley
in that Saturday Night Live skit "Down by the river."

He moves around a bit to much and its a bit distracting. But it was still a fun exercise!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Environment Design 2

I'm now realizing that matching up digital paintings colors to other LCD screens is a bitch. They were all painted on the school monitors. The top one looks like the bottom one at the school but the top one on my Mac looks like crap no darks and lights. The fixed one is below.
Final version of the Chateauguay maintenance tunnels. I tried to get a darker feel for this one with brighter colors and more contrast. I'm getting there, But I still need to practice.
Here is the one I chose
Well here is my second group of Environment designs. I watched this video on Feng Zhu the other day that was really inspiring. He is an amazing environment artist. Really helped me out with composition and camera placement.

Environment Design 1

Fixed color one is above for viewing on mac books - I got to figure something out, anyone got any ideas??
Here is the Final Version of my mall hall ways. Fixed the perspective and what not, and added in some detail here and there. I was pretty happy with this one but its still a bit to blaahhhh. I need to work on lighting more and have a better range of darks and lights. It needs more contrast.

Here is my sketch for my mall hallway concept. I decided to call my version the Chateauguay Mall. Chateauguay is a pretty remote part of my home town in Bridgewater Vermont so I thought this fit it quite nicely. The perspective in the drawing, is a little screwed up, but I worked it out up top. This was for Game design class again, digital.


Here is my psychology drawing. Its digital, 2-3 hours. It was supposed to be what we though mental illness looks like. Was a cool assignment, just wish psychology wasn't a joke and we got to do more things like this

GameMechanics 3

Here is once again another mechanic drawing. This one was pretty rushed, to much to do. But its the ax mechanic, not really much more to explain.

GameMechanics 2

Here is my search the truck mechanic. In this assignment we had to take two mechanics, in this situation it was the, search the truck, and the giving of another weapon to a player. These two mechanics had to relate to each other, in that they almost seemed like one mechanic. In my game someone is voted to search the truck for weapons. After they do so, they must then hand one weapon off to any other player.

Still not happy with this one though, needs some fixin. The truck wheels are way to small haha.

GameMechanics 1

Here is the survival game mechanic from my game from my board game Mall of Horror. Its sort of a zombie survival game. The goal of the game mechanics project was to take a "mechanic" and illustrate. We had to figure out how we would portray it in the games universe. The mechanic I chose to draw out was survival or voting mechanic. When the zombies outside the room are greater than the number of people inside the room, someone is voted to die. When the vote is cast, no one can do anything to help them.