Monday, July 6, 2009

EPIC Games Update

Well I some how managed to get the animation Internship at Epic Games. I'm loving it here, the company is great and everyone has been very kind and I'm learning a lot. Alex Whitney has been a great role model, as well as Scott Dossett.

They've got me doing a little of everything right now, just whatever is needed at the time. I've been doing some character animation, Mocap Cleanup, and some rigging. I wish I could post some stuff but I can't....

Whenever, if ever, I am able to show my work, I'll post it :) Peace.


Betsy Bauer said...

Major congrats, Cody!! What kind of work are you doing there?

Amalia said...

Congrats! Thats awesome, glad to hear you're enjoying the game industry :)